Merger of GS Banque and Banca Arner

10 January 2019
Merger of GS Banque and Banca Arner   Press release Merger of GS Banque and Banca Arner Geneva/Lugano, 10 January 2019 GS Banque and Banca Arner […]

Merger of GS Banque and Banca Arner


Press release

Merger of GS Banque and Banca Arner

Geneva/Lugano, 10 January 2019

GS Banque and Banca Arner are pleased to announce their merger today. Effective in March 2019, the operation will give birth to a new single legal entity with offices in Geneva and Lugano. Its new identity will be revealed in March.

The operation brings together the shareholders of GS Banque (the Pennone family) and those of Banca Arner (the Schrämli, Del Bue and Sciorilli Borrelli families) who know each other well and share the same entrepreneurial values, namely agility, perseverance and integrity. It is above all a union of people who appreciate each other and willing to develop a common project.

The shareholders of both institutions will remain involved with positions at the operational management level and on the board of directors of the new entity. The Lugano office will be an important development centre, targeting in particular the Ticino, Italian and Eastern European markets. The operational management of the new entity will be managed by an Executive Committee chaired by Grégoire Pennone, currently CEO of GS Banque.

“This mutual decision is based on strong personal relationships and shared values. Our two establishments are also imbued with a strong entrepreneurial culture, which, in some respects, unites us even more. This merger is also in line with the external growth operations successfully carried out by GS Banque which have enabled us to quadruple our assets under management in two years and significantly strengthen our shareholders’ equity,” comments Grégoire Pennone.

With this merger, the two banks intend to jointly develop their wealth management activities and strengthen their presence in their target markets. The new entity’s shareholders’ equity and assets under management will be around CHF 30 million and CHF 2 billion respectively.

“While ensuring that we will continue to offer the same quality of service to our clients, it is necessary to answer to the needs of a new generation, including entrepreneurs, who expect more from private banks than the conservation and transmission of their assets. This merger will therefore enable us to continue our efforts in this direction in order to offer modern private banking services through the integration of new technology and the development of innovative investment solutions,” explains Jean-Jacques Schrämli, member of Banca Arner’s Executive Committee. 

Media contacts

Grégoire Pennone
GS Banque SA
+41 76 369 44 27

Julien Delécraz
Voxia communication
+41 22 591 22 74

About GS Banque

GS Banque SA was founded in 2004 by Robert Pennone and Bénédict Hentsch under the name Banque Bénédict Hentsch & Cie SA, then renamed Geneva Swiss Bank (GS Banque SA) in 2014, when Bénédict Hentsch retired. The bank offers advisory, asset management and wealth management services. It is the unique blend of Geneva’s private banking tradition and entrepreneurial spirit, a fusion of authenticity, integrity, entrepreneurship and know-how, brought together in a structure on a human scale. For more information:

About Banca Arner

Banca Arner’s activities are focused on financial advisory and asset management. Founded in 1984 as an asset management company, it became a bank in 1994. Based in Lugano, Banca Arner’s services are provided by specialists with the necessary know-how and experience to manage complex problems. Its complete range of products and services is based mainly on the skills and experience of its professionals, and their ability to understand customers and identify the best solutions adapted to their needs. For more information:


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